Colour symbolism in Rajasthani costumes itself is a very interesting aspect of their dressing style. The use of colour is widespread in almost all kinds of Rajasthani attire and ornamentation. Throughout history, colour has held an important aspect in Indian culture and Rajasthani costumes are no exceptions.
 Indian traditional saree: Rani Mukharji in Bollywood Rajasthani Saree

Indian traditional sarees(saris) are draped at festivals, weddings and many other ceremonies. Bengalis wear a Bengali traditional sarees(saris) for the DurgaPooja. They wear traditional indian saris on all the five days. It could be a white and red-bordered saree for one of the days. It should have intricate work that gives it an elegant look. Traditional white sarees are worn while going for sad gatherings. Trendy sarees or traditional Benarasi sarees are hot during wedding. They are classified as traditional wedding sarees. Traditional embroidered sarees are quite famous for sangeet and party wear. Traditional silk sarees from Bangalore, chennai make a woman's wardrobe complete. Bandhej  are the tremendous sarees of Rajasthan.

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